Demosthenian Literary Society

Minutes: April 10, 2003

Minutes for April 10th, 2003

Before I get into the bulk of my minutes, which are short, sweet, and lack the usual humor than they never really had in the first place, I’d like to just say a few things:

I hate Latin. Not the language, not anything particular about it. I just hate the professor and I hate getting up so that I can go translate my two lines and then go to work or whatever. What’s the point? If I’m to sit and enjoy translation, can’t I do that at home without some creepy old man breathing down my back as I fear he might drop dead of old age? Is that wrong of me? I don’t know….

Also, as many of you know, there’s a Dr. Trivedi in the English department. As many of you know, I took his class because we share a common last name (Trivedi, Amish Trivedi). Whether that is right or wrong, I do not know. I’m really just sad that I’m a history major and not an English major. I’m sure Mr. Smith will find this worrisome, but I finally feel that, because of the other Trivedi, I should have been an English major. Well, I’m not staying any more time than I have to, so I’ll stick with history and let Dr. Trivedi be the only Dr. Trivedi in English that I know of.

So, the meeting last week. If you missed it, you’re a loser. And I’m not talking about the kind of loser that we go “haha, loser!” at, like Bobby, but the kind of loser that didn’t bother to show up for the Intersociety debate.

For those of you who weren’t there, I have no sympathy, and thus, only this one bit of information.

We won. We won. We won.

We came back, we bashed them for a while and then we left.

That’s pretty much it. Aside from the debate, which took a while, but not as long as I thought it might.

These are my worst minutes, by far, I believe.

Well. I hope they are.

Respectfully submitted,

Amish D. Trivedi