Demosthenian Literary Society

Minutes of March 21st, 2013

Minutes of March 21st 2013
Presented on March 28th 2013

The meeting was called to order at 7:15
There were 4 first time guests, 3 returning guests and 1 alumni present.

Mr. O’Brian was selected as critic.

In programs:
We had The Historian’s Address. Ms. Abdulhadi presented her report on the period of desegregation at UGA and the Societies less than stellar involvement in it to put it mildly.

In reinstatement of membership:
The prodigal son Mr. Hall returned to the society, having been lost he was found and welcomed back in.

In petitions:
We had Mr. Gabe Durham who spoke on the subject of windows and their importance in architecture and literature and questioning why any competent architect would design a building without them on their front side? At Demosthenian we dare to ask such brave questions and Mr. Durham was warmly admitted in.

Committee Reports:
Mr. Norton on upcoming programs and speaker’s workshops.

In Special Elections:
Vote of Confidence in our Faculty Adviser Dr. Knox. Dr. Knox was given a vote of confidence by the society and his sentence was extended by another year.

New Business:

BIR: The United States’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles is beneficial to its foreign policy.
RS: Mr. Vey

Mr. Tourial: neg
Drones are not effective foreign policy. It just makes war cheaper and easier.

Mr. Lucco: neg
Our foreign policy should be more than whosh, bang, and boom.

Mr. Rivkin: affirmative
Drones are just weapons that make it easier to defeat an enemy with no rational that cannot be negotiated with.

Mr. Theiss: affirmative
The tech gives us much more flexibility and discretion. If we cannot be loved then we must be feared

Ms. Van De Velde: negative
After explaining how SPIA is like Hogwarts and the Security people are Slytherins and whatever group she is in are the Gryffendors, said the foreign policy is more than just killing bad guys. Unknown to her however is that her group is really more like a bunch of Hufflepuffs.

Mr. Yaqoob: negative
Taking out their leaders is not effective

Mr. Greene: negative
US Foreign Policy has gone from speaking softly and carrying a big stick to now swinging that stick indiscriminately around.

Ms. Johnson: Affirmative
This is beneficial domestically in that it allows us to keep our troops safe at home.

Mr. O’Brian: negative
We are using drones incorrectly, they should be used only in battlefield conditions.

Mr. Reese: negative
If the US completely changes its foreign policy then drones will not be valuable any more.

Mr. Guest: negative
A human pilot will always be more effective than a drone

Question called:
failed members: 12-13
failed, guests: 1-4
Failed Alums: 0-1

It was noted: Drones are like rifles, they are dependent on the man using it.

BIR: The US should allow cannibalism
RS Mr. Buscemi

Mr. Norton: negative
Eating another human is bad, but feel free to have a bite or two of me after I kick the bucket.

Mr. Alum: negative
Allowing meth in schools is a better idea than this

Mr. O’Brian: negative
This causes brain wasting disease in humans which slowly fills your brain with holes as you die a slow and painful death.

Mr. Yaqoob: affirmative
We should eat the rich and take their money. He was ejected for his communist sympathies and bad sarcasm, neither of which are tolerated in Demosthenian.

Mr. Thompson: negative
Sarcastically arguing that if we do this we can all live in a Libertarian dream world where anything is permitted as long as you have consent.

Mr. Tourial: affirmative
If you eat the heart of your enemy then you gain his strength.

Mr. Guest: affirmative
I am a cannibal. Jesus returns every Sunday and sometimes Wednesday and then we eat him.
The guest also noted that he is delicious.

Mr. Greene: affirmative
We need to eat others to level up ourselves

Mr. Cotton: affirmative
We can grow human meat in lab conditions and enjoy all the benefits with almost none of the negatives like killing people.

Mr. Durham: affirmative
Don’t knock it til you try it

Mr. Rivkin: negative
The society is biased against the undead and we should learn tolerance towards zombies.

Question was called
Members: Failed 10-14
Guests: failed 2-4

It was noted:
KOB wants his bones turned into armor for the Sgt. At Arms.

BIR: Age is just a number
RS Ms. Emily Durden

Ms. Grundy: affirmative
Age is only a number, what maters is someone’s maturity

Mr. Vey: negative
Affirming this will only ensure mathematical anarchy

Mr. O’Brian: negative
I’m too old for this shit

Dr. Knox: affirmative
Stating his positive relationship with his wife, who is several years older than him, shows that age is in fact just a number.

Mr. Thompson: affirmative
Age is just a number, among your peers. And also I would totally hit John Henry Theiss even though he’s in his 40s.

Question Called:
Members: 12-8 passed

It was noted: No gods, no numbers, only men… and ladies. Also, age is just a number and prison is just a room. One is the loneliest number and the rule for age is: half your age, plus 7.

A motion to adjourn passed. Mr. O’Brian presented his critic’s report. And the society adjourned at 11:20.

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