Demosthenian Hall Rentals

Rental Guidelines

Please review the rental guidelines and fill out the Hall Rental Form (below) if you are interested in renting Demosthenian Hall.

The Demosthenian Literary Society is the only student organization to manage a building on campus. To ensure the safety and well-being of our building, a historic landmark, we ask that you sign a rental agreement.

Payment Procedures

We request all payment in the from of CHECKS made out to The Demosthenian Literary Society. The Demosthenian Literary Society has three payment categories that determine the cost of using the building for an event.

  • Payment category (Plan) A covers the general public. Individuals in this category should be sure to send in a $250 rental fee and a $200 security deposit.
  • Payment category (Plan) B is the option that student organizations should select. We charge students a reduced rental fee of $50, although we still require that they send us a $200 security deposit. The group’s faculty advisor must sign the rental contract.
  • Payment category (Plan) C is the option for UGA departments. We do not charge UGA departments a rental fee or security deposit with the understanding that the department is liable for damages above and beyond normal use. A member of faculty or staff must sign the rental contract.

Rental Rules

As our hall has come to represent over 200 years of history, we feel obligated to preserve it for future Demosthenians. Therefore, we ask that you observe the following requests. If any of these rules are violated, the Society reserves the right to retain the security deposit in its entirety and assess additional damage fines as needed.

  1. Please do not use an open flame in the hall. This includes the burning of candles. If your event requires the use of candles, DO NOT rent the Hall.
  2. Smoking is prohibited.
  3. As Demosthenian is party to the regulations of the University of Georgia, we do not allow alcoholic beverages in the hall. Please do not drink alcohol at your event!
  4. Please refrain from bringing food or beverages upstairs.
  5. Please do your best to leave the Hall in a neat and orderly condition.
  6. Do not break state or federal law. Please also abide by all the regulations of the University of Georgia.

The Hall Administrator is responsible for ensuring that you are able to gain access to the hall on the date of your rental. Please e-mail the Hall Administrator in the event of an emergency and to gain access to the building or call our current Hall Administrator, Reece Griffith, at 706-714-4295.

Checkout Guidelines

The Demosthenian Literary Society asks that all renters follow the check-out procedure outlined below. If any of the following procedures are not followed, the Demosthenian Literary Society reserves the right to retain the security deposit in its entirety and assess additional damage fines as needed. Before you leave:

  • Remove all trash to the dumpster located behind the building
  • Return any moved furniture to its original position
  • Place the key back into the lock-box and scramble the code
  • Turn off all the lights both upstairs AND downstairs
  • Close the door as you leave. It will lock automatically

Your rental helps the Demosthenian Literary Society keep the Hall in good condition. Your assistance will reduce the burden placed on our all volunteer and student run operations, and it will also allow us to preserve our beautiful 200 year-old building for future generations.

View the Rental Form

Hall Rental Form

Hall Rental Form

We will contact you within one week (except for when school is not in session) with notice as to whether the Hall is available or not.

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