We encourage those who are interested in our society to become a member. In order to become a member, you must be an eligible guest and petition, which involves:

  • Attending three meetings (at least two consecutively)
  • Speaking at least once at one of the three meetings
  • Passing a written membership test submitted to the Judicial Council a week before petitioning
  • Delivering a maiden address before the Society
  • Be voted in by three-fourths of the Society

The membership test can be found on the Documents page.

Dues for members are $20 and must be paid to the treasurer within four weeks of the beginning of each semester.

After attending nine meetings as a member, new members can request a key, which requires a deposit of $10



Send all questions, comments, and concerns to the Digital Media Chair, Kirsten Flinn, at


Recent Members and Alumni

If you are a former member or alumni please consider joining our Alumni Facebook Group.